About Us

At INNOVENGG SERVICES we providing products includes moulds and dies, castings, forgings, plastic and rubber mould, pressing and stamping, sheet metal fabrication, fittings to our customers with our in-house facilities and also with help of suppliers and also we have been engineering high quality CNC precision turned components and special machining works to various industrial sectors like automotive, motors & pump, textile, home appliances, machine spares.

What differentiates us from other engineering and manufacturing service providers is that we would find partners/employees have a technical background as well as years of industrial experience in your own country so that we can "speak customers language“.

Our Mission:

with OIS “Organize, Improve and Stabilize” as a motto, we invest our part and passion in your projects.

We listen to your needs.

We deep dive in your performance indicators to serve you with a long lasting product / service

We work proactive with your team (Hand on hand)


Our facility is well designed and outfitted with latest machineries and instruments to produce close tolerance components from a range of metals. All our equipments are frequently calibrated in re-owned labs.


We have a dedicated team of designers, machine operators, specialist finishers to make sure all components left in perfect condition, and a quality management team devoted to continuous improvement. Our training system is ongoing. We ensure that all our team are in-line with modern production methods and systems.

Quality Assurance

We are extremely thorough about what our client need and when they need. Our quality management process and documentation meets the standards set out by ISO. Our inspection process is periodic and we follow perfect tagging system right from raw materials entering in to finished product delivers in customer place. We are committed to every corrective, preventive actions and employee safety procedures. Also ensures perfect data management for future analytics. We not only follow accuracy in our engineering work, our accounting, administration and government liaison’s are perfect and at its best.

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