Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee

Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee

KCE places a high value on maintaining a ragging-free environment on campus.Any student who has a grievance, including abuse, may bring it to the attention of the Chairperson or any of the Committee Members from different departments, who will take appropriate action and resolution.

  1. Creating awareness among the students about ragging
  2. Display of anti-ragging warning posts at vital places
  3. Guidelines given by Tamilnadu and supreme court
  4. Regular surprise Inspections

Dr.R.Udaiyakumar – Principal

Board Members
  1. Dr. S. J. K. Jagadeeshkumar – HoD CSE
  2. Dr K V Kannan Nithin – HoD/ S&H
  3. Dr. G. Manjula – HoD/ CIVIL
  4. Mr. R. Nandhakumar – HoD/ ECE
  5. Dr.B.Prabakaran – HoD/EEE
  6. Dr. K Thirumalai Kannan – HoD/MECH
Squad – Faculty Members
  1. Mr.Aravind R – AP/CIVIL
  2. Ms.RS Ramya – AP/CSE
  3. Mr.M.Ramkumar – AP/EEE
  4. Mr. M.R. Thiyagupriyadharsan – AP/ECE
  5. Mr.S.Navaneethan – AP/MECH
  6. Mr. S.Saravanan – AP/S&H

National Antiragging Helpline Number: 1800-180-5522

Email ID: