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Top Coders

Top Coders 21 provided a perfect platform for programmers to show case their talent by cracking some of the most challenging problems. The main objective of the contest was to test the all-round abilities of a programmer rather than focusing on specific areas of programming.

This contest is a real test of creativity, knowledge, endurance and team-work, an EXTREME CHALLENGE! Well, all that is required is a decent knowledge of Python, loads of enthusiasm and the attitude to dig through till you see the problem solved. E-Box Colleges invited students from engineering colleges from all over tamilnadu to pit their skills against each other in a battle for programming supremacy! Around 150 teams participated in the top coders contest in 4 different venues. Each team consisting of 3 students participated.

There were representations from top premier institutions like PSG Tech, Amirtha, PSGiTech, CIT, KCT, etc. The format of the contest was interestingly designed with the help of Ebox platform- an AI based portal. Level 1 tested the students problem comprehending and solution designing skills. Level 2 tested the debugging skills. Level 3 tested their coding skills. Each team participated enthusiastically and provided tough competition to others. The cash prizes and medallion were awarded at institute level as well as global level.

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